Cats and Dogs That Can Act?

dog actorWhat to expect if your pet is going to perform.

Would you let your dog appear in films? I would, providing there is no cruelty on the set and the animal gets abused. I would doubt that because gone are the days when chimps or tigers are shot on set after a shooting of a film to get rid of the animal and we are talking usually about domestic animals.

Here are some of things to expect on the set or to think about, if you are going to let your pet partake in a film

  • Your pet has to be able to work with a trainer unless you are a one yourself. This is because the trainer will be better able to give a certain instruction to the animal so that they follow it.
  • The set may often look for animals that have anomalies, like only three legs for a dog. This is because it may add an element of curiosity to the film.
  • The animal has to be outgoing or sociable. This means that the personality of the animal is considered because sociable animals like to be around people.
  • Your pet needs to be groomed and look good. Make sure there are no fleas on your pet. And be careful of diseases when working with other pets.
  • The animal has to be able to work in front of a crew a camera. Often enough people train their animals to follow all kinds of routines but these routines are blocked when the animal is faced with a strange milieu. Here is where the animal would freezes on a command rather than perform because it is not used to the environment or feels threatened by it.
  • The animal should be rewarded while it learns a particular routine for a set and it should also be rewarded on set. That gives the animal something positive to look forward to.
  • The animal may have to learn a series of commands and not just one. This is going to be more challenging for the pet and the owner is going to have to be more patient.
  • The animal should not be scolded or reprimanded in the process because that will only make the learning process longer. Most people know that negative reinforcement is not going to work.
  • The animal is going to go through an audition process if is selected through photos or directly. This does not mean that your pet gets the job just because he looks good.
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